Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This is just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. You truly deserve it for all the hard work you do!

I'd also like to apoligize for being such a terrible blogger the past few weeks! This time of year is so busy for me but luckily summer is right around the corner. I promise to post more in a few days perhaps!

Any comments/feedback/pretty pictures you'd like to share?


P.S.-don't forget to answer my weekly poll on the right-hand column! It's actually been there longer than a week, because I am waiting to see everyone's reponses. So far, ice cream and chocolate are tied in the lead!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The flower of Toulouse

I apologize for not posting sooner than I previously mentioned-it turned out that the past 2 weeks have been more busy than I thought! Just as I promised, my next post is about one of Marie Antoinette's favorite scents-violet. This flower is not only used for decoration, but is also used in cooking and baking and is a well-known scent. There are many violet-related products out there. Here a few of my favorites that evoke Marie Antoinette:
Candied Violets, $44
I know the price is a bit high, but this 6.5 oz bag of candied violets imported from France are just the thing to decorate and flavor baked goods and also sweeten your tea. Treat yourself! Buy it on

Violettes de Toulouse Eau de Tiolette, 80 mL, $42
Some of the best violets have been cultivated in Toulouse, France, since 1936, where they are famously known as violettes de Toulouse. The Berdoues Perfumery is the maker of this elegant eau de toilette, which comes with an atomizer so you can spritz it on just like in the good old days. It is available on Beauty Cafe, where you can also buy the eau de parfum version.

Violettes de Toulouse Boxed Set of Bath Soaps, $26
Also made by the Berdoues Perfumery are these violet bath soaps. They come in a set of three and are triple-milled for the most fragrance and longevity. These would make a great gift and are available on eBubbles.

Paéva Air Fragrance, 35 €
Manufactured by Ladurée, this air fragrance is scented of violets and the "the soft, clean smell of a forest after rain". Spray it in your room for the smell of spring! It comes in a 100 ml bottle at

Hopefully these pretty products will entice you to try out this lovely flower and its scent. For more information about the violet, visit the following websites:
La Maison de la Violette