Sunday, September 14, 2008

An entrance fit for a queen

I am amazed at what people can do when it comes to restoring historical places and objects. Just take a look at the photo on the left, of the recently restored Royal Gate at Versailles. I must say it looks pretty magnificent. It is now located in the Palace courtyard for all to see as they enter. The project to restore the gate, which disappeared during the French Revolution, began two years ago and was finally completed in July of this year. The entire project(or feat I should say) cost 9 million Euros to complete, or almost 13 million USD! There are other restoration projects that have been happening at the Palace--you can find out more about them at the official Chateau de Versailles website.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hats hats & more hats

While recently browsing on Etsy, I stumbled upon Marie Antoinette-inspired hats! They are absolutely gorgeous, take a look for yourself:
Click! <--This hat is my favourite, it's called the "Lady Lyndon".

I also discovered this amazing hat, it looks like a recreation of Marie Antoinette's famous hair design of a ship!

Here is another hat I liked by the same designer as the one above, Topsy Turvy Design.

I'm amazed at what people can create....


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Perfect for that 18th-century glow

Awhile ago I was surfing around the web, looking at different kinds of lighting, and somehow came across these sweet candle holders. I'll admit I have a fascination with all kinds of decorative lighting, and candles are no exception. And yet again, here is something with the fleur-de-lis. If you look at my past blog posts you'll also see plenty of other fleur-de-lis related objects. These are made of glass and covered in rice paper, and they're available in multiple colours. However, my favourites are the pink and blue ones. These would look great if several of them were lined up on a dining room table or a mantel, casting a beautiful light!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

My 1st Pink Saturday!

I came across the idea of Pink Saturday last week and decided to join in. So today marks my first post for Pink Saturday, where I share something pink! This week I am sharing this teacup and saucer in my dining room (hopefully the picture is not too fuzzy, it's difficult taking pictures without flash! You can enlarge the picture for a better view). It's not completely pink, but I think the pink flowers and trim on it is what makes it so sweet. I had never noticed before, but when I looked on the bottom I discovered it was made by Shelley China, in England.
I think teacups are so much fun to look at, and they're great to collect and decorate with!

I'm looking forward to my next Pink Saturday...



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let them eat cake...on these plates!

I found these while doing some online window shopping, and think they are just too cute. Aren't they unique? Each of these cakeplates showcases Marie Antoinette in a different outfit, with the name of one of her homes next to it. You can buy the set of 4 for $39.99 at Decorative Dishes. While you're there, check out some of the other "Rosanna" designs, they're really fun to look at!


Monday, June 30, 2008

Diamonds vs. Pearls

Since it's been so long since I updated my weekly poll, I had a grand total of 50 votes!
Question: Which do you prefer in jewelry?
Diamonds: 31
Pearls: 11
Something more colorful like emeralds, rubies, etc: 8

So, the answer must be that diamonds really are a girl's best friend!
Check back soon for a new weekly poll!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coming back

I know it's been six monthes(!!) since I've last blogged, but I'm coming back into the blogging world, slowly but surely! If there was an award for bad bloggers, I would get it. I really have missed it, and I look forward to blogging again and making Pretty in Bleu better than ever. So, check back soon for my first real post after half a year!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?

You decide! I've just put up a new weekly poll on the right hand side, you may have to scroll down to get to it. The question is, "Which do you prefer in, pearls, or something more colorful(i.e. emeralds)?" I'm interested to know whether diamonds really do trump all other jewels. So if you have a moment, please feel free to answer the new poll!

**The necklace design shown at left has a rather notorious history. Find out at Marie Antoinette Online.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Design Inspiration

Ok, so I had my weekly poll up for a very long time. But, I was interested in knowing of more people's opinions...
Question: Where do you take your design inspiration from?
Magazines and catalogs: 4
Other's homes: 0
Movies: 1
Flea markets: 2
Exotic locales while travelling: 0
A little bit of everything: 17

Judging from the majority of votes, our design inspiration is not merely from magazine's ideas. The inspiration is everywhere you look! Check back soon for a new poll...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pom Pom Interiors

I'm back for the new year! I hope everyone has had a good 2008 so far! Awhile back I discovered the store Pom Pom Interiors and meant to do a blog post about it, so here it is. Located in Los Angeles (there are 2 locations there), Pom Pom Interiors is really a dream for those who love to shop for the home. More specifically, those who love to mix elegance, some shabby chic, and a touch of European style to their decorating. They offer vintage furniture, home accessories, lighting, and even something for the garden. If you are looking for something unique to add to your space, this is the place to go! My personal favorite are the gorgeous chandeliers from Europe--so very Marie Antoinette! If you're in the LA area, I'd suggest you check them out.