Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to make a quick post to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! Hope it was a good one...I'll be going out of town for a while, so I'll be back in the new year. So..happy new year as well!


Friday, December 21, 2007

New Look

In case you haven't noticed, I have a lovely new banner on top of my blog. It was designed by Kimberly Ryan from Kimberly Ryan Art. A big thanks to her for doing this! Go check out her creative blog, it's great!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Fleur de Lis jewelry

I've just discovered more Fleur-de-lis jewelry at Tarina Tarantino! Both the earrings and necklace are so pretty, especially if you want a more modern way to wear the iconic Fleur de lis.
Fleur-de-Lis Drop Earrings, $70
These are made of lucite and Swarovski crystals. They're available in black or white also.

Long Fleur-de-Lis Necklace, $170
This 42-in. long necklace is also made of lucite beads and Swarovski crystal drops, and available in black or white.

This jewelry can be purchased at the online shop at tarinatarantino.com


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Roses, roses, and more roses!

I just realized I have a lot of rose-themed trinkets...and one of them I just recently found for a mere 75 cents at a flea-market! I couldn't resist this little porcelain box...it just screamed Marie Antoinette! (click on picture for larger image)
I also have a rose music box thats plays Pachelbel's Canon in D. It was a First Communion gift years ago, and it's from The San Francisco Music Box Company. I absolutely love the intricacies of the design.I think the pink velvet lining adds just the right touch!

And finally... a rose jewelry box...it's not exactly Marie Antoinette-ish, but I think the painted roses and gold edges are beautiful!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Why hello!

Well, after that lonnnng break from blogging, I am finally back! I missed it too much, and I am so eager to catch up on all of your blogs I enjoy reading. I have new treasures I can't wait to show on here, and lots of great ideas! So check back within the next couple days, and if you have any input please share it!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where have I been?

Sorry for the lack of postage, everyone. I've been out of town the past 2 weeks, first to Massachusetts, then to West Virginia. I just got back today. I'll be back to posting again soon once I get settled in...


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eat in style

Just looking at this picture makes me want to drink more tea. This "Marie Antoinette" dinnerware set, made of Limoges porcelain in France, to me captures the elegance of Marie Antoinette and 18th century Versailles. While I'm sure they possibly could have used even more ornate dinnerware and teacups, this set could complement today's living room decor easily. Prices vary($74-$389) for the 5-piece plate setting, dinner plate, salad plate, bread/butter plate, and cup/saucer set. Available at www.graciousstyle.com


Friday, July 27, 2007

Dressing Marie Antoinette

If you like fashions of Marie Antoinette's era, check out the Yahoo group "Dressing Marie Antoinette". I've been a member for some time now, and the group mainly focuses on recreating costumes seen in the movie and portraits of the queen. I of course, have sewing skills nowhere near those of some of the members in this group. The costumes some members have made or are working on are really spectacular--the trimmings, the fabric choices, and embroidery are beautiful. Not to mention they even involve real corsets and hoop skirts for true authenticity! I think you have to be a member to view the posts and photos. Even if you don't sew lavish costumes, you can join if you like to discuss fashions and costumes of the era in general.

Click here to join dressingmarieantoinette
Click to join dressingmarieantoinette


Friday, July 13, 2007

Chocolate, anyone?

I admit I had my last poll up for longer than a week, but here are the results from 24 people total:
Question: What is your favorite delectable dessert?
Cake: 5
Anything chocolate: 7
I like to be healthy and eat fruit: 2
I scream for ice cream: 5
Macarons of course: 5
Other: 0

I see there are plenty of other chocoholics out there, like me! But really, who can choose just one "favorite dessert"? I personally love them all!
I now have a new poll in the yellow box on the right, so please take it! Thanks!

*Note-The chocolate pictured on the left is the "Ligne Classique" from Richart, available for $23.50. Mmmmmmm...............


Monday, July 9, 2007

Create an outdoor haven

I'm back from Vegas! Well, I have been for almost 2 weeks now. It's good to be back! Brocade Home is having it's semi-annual sale, and their outdoor furniture is to die for! Here are some of their items they have on sale:Medallion dining table, $499 & Medallion chair, $299
I love the rococo-inspired lines of this table and chairs! The crisp white color is a nice alternative to typical black, also. The chair cushions are on sale for $39 each.

Medallion daybed, $699, & Cushion, $399
This sort of matches the tables and chairs above. Isn't it nice to imagine yourself relaxing on this on a sunny day? The side table is also on sale for $149.

Silhouette outdoor dining table, $599
After seeing this picture, I was reminded of the scene in "Marie Antoinette" where they are eating outside one night at Le Petit Trianon. Pair the votive chandelier($399), some chairs, flowers, and food with this table, and voila! An instant re-creation of that.

These are just some of the outdoor items for sale. For more, check out their website.


Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I will not be using my laptop during the trip, so there will be no blog posts for awhile. I'll be back next Tuesday.

Au revoir....


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Falling in love with dresses

I'm back! And it's summertime! I have been eager to do a post on the dresses I found at Betsey Johnson. Some of her latest concoctions are absolutely delicious(I hope that didn't sound too cheesy). The textures and colors remind me very much of those seen in the Marie Antoinette movie. Bright pastels and ruffles make these the perfect party and/or cocktail dresses. Evening Aphrodite Strapless Ruffle Dress, $400

Evening Cafe de Paris dress, $425

Evening Flora Strapless Dress, $425

Evening Tea Party Dress, $365

Evening Isadora Strapless Ruffle Dress, $410

Babydoll Battenburg Dress, $320
This one isn't quite as dressy as the others, but the color, ribbon and lacy look definitely had me sold!

These dresses look good enough to eat! Don't they make you want to have a garden tea party or perhaps stroll in the gardens of Le Petit Trianon? I know Betsey Johnson is known for her flirty and essentially girly styles in her designs, and I wonder if she was inspired by Marie Antoinette when designing these??


Sunday, June 3, 2007

BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Event Challenge for Public Schools

This was supposed to be posted on Monday, May 28th, but I forgot...Here it is anyway:

Let's Prove that a LARGE Group of Bloggers Can Come together For a Lot of Good!
The purpose of the BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Event is to come together and raise money for our public schools. We have set the goal to $25,000. Hopefully we can blow this goal away and raise far more money. If we do we will have set a precedent that will enable our community to do a bunch of good for other causes in the future.

Donorschoose.org is a website that is "a simple way to provide students in need with resources that our public schools often lack."

Beginning the week of May 28th, this fund raising event is to raise money for schools in New Orleans and elsewhere lacking books, computers, and other needed supplies since Hurricane Katrina.
Please click on the link below for more information on how you can become part of the challenge and donate! Remember-every little bit helps!


Has it really been almost a month since my last post?? I cannot apologize enough. I have many ideas to put on here. As soon as this week's testing is over I will be free! =)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This is just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. You truly deserve it for all the hard work you do!

I'd also like to apoligize for being such a terrible blogger the past few weeks! This time of year is so busy for me but luckily summer is right around the corner. I promise to post more in a few days perhaps!

Any comments/feedback/pretty pictures you'd like to share?


P.S.-don't forget to answer my weekly poll on the right-hand column! It's actually been there longer than a week, because I am waiting to see everyone's reponses. So far, ice cream and chocolate are tied in the lead!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The flower of Toulouse

I apologize for not posting sooner than I previously mentioned-it turned out that the past 2 weeks have been more busy than I thought! Just as I promised, my next post is about one of Marie Antoinette's favorite scents-violet. This flower is not only used for decoration, but is also used in cooking and baking and is a well-known scent. There are many violet-related products out there. Here a few of my favorites that evoke Marie Antoinette:
Candied Violets, $44
I know the price is a bit high, but this 6.5 oz bag of candied violets imported from France are just the thing to decorate and flavor baked goods and also sweeten your tea. Treat yourself! Buy it on Amazon.com.

Violettes de Toulouse Eau de Tiolette, 80 mL, $42
Some of the best violets have been cultivated in Toulouse, France, since 1936, where they are famously known as violettes de Toulouse. The Berdoues Perfumery is the maker of this elegant eau de toilette, which comes with an atomizer so you can spritz it on just like in the good old days. It is available on Beauty Cafe, where you can also buy the eau de parfum version.

Violettes de Toulouse Boxed Set of Bath Soaps, $26
Also made by the Berdoues Perfumery are these violet bath soaps. They come in a set of three and are triple-milled for the most fragrance and longevity. These would make a great gift and are available on eBubbles.

Paéva Air Fragrance, 35 €
Manufactured by Ladurée, this air fragrance is scented of violets and the "the soft, clean smell of a forest after rain". Spray it in your room for the smell of spring! It comes in a 100 ml bottle at Laduree.fr.

Hopefully these pretty products will entice you to try out this lovely flower and its scent. For more information about the violet, visit the following websites:
La Maison de la Violette


Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks to Lidy at French Garden House for tagging me awhile back for the Thinking Blogger Award...I've finally gotten around to doing this post. This means I must tag 5 others. There are many great blogs out there that I read often, many of them are probably already tagged by now. But if they weren't, here's who I would tag:
-French Garden House
-Pretty Petals Boutique
-Girls Handbook
-Savvy City Farmer
-The Paris Apartment
All of their links are on my "Favorite Blogs" list on the right, since I am too lazy to type them up here!
This coming week is going to be very busy for me, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post till the weekend. But coming up I will be posting about one of Marie Antoinette's favorite scents. Stay tuned and have a great week!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Let them eat cookies

Nothing like simple, easy to make sugar cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are dressed up a bit with "Barbie" sprinkles and a pretty platter of mine:
I just love the gilded-look of the edges and the romantic flowers! To me it's slightly reminiscent of Le Petit Trianon. This has been in my family for years, and I haven't used it much till now...


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tea in bloom

I apologize for not posting in over a week; I was out of town in Richmond for a few days. Lucky for me there were several antique shops in the area...I saw many beautiful chandeliers, plates, etc that screamed Marie Antoinette or 18th century France, but of course, the prices were not exactly in my budget. I mean c'mon, $800 for a chandelier? Read below for something I know you will love, that won't give you sticker shock....
If you're like me, and you see every little detail in movies, you may have noticed the tea that blooms in "Marie Antoinette". After scouring the internet, I have found it at last! You too, can have this awe-inspiring tea. Jasmine Blooming Flower Tea, made by Summit Tea Company, is available on Amazon.com. For $9.99, it comes with 10 hand-tied jasmine flower teas made in the Fujian Province, China. Watch as the jasmine leaves slowly unfurl once you pour the hot water in a teapot, and a beautiful Red Globe Amarnth flower is revealed! This would be great to wow your guests at a party, or as a unique gift for a tea-loving friend. There are also other blooming tea varieties available by Adagio Teas on Amazon.
To heighten the blooming tea experience, Numi makes a flowering tea glass teapot, also available on Amazon.com for $21.99. Everyone will get to see the bloom with this teapot!-R*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Easter 2007 at Ladurée

Easter is only a couple days away...and what better way to celebrate than with something sweet(I'm sure many of you have given up dessert for Lent, as have I)?? Celebrate Easter with elegance...Laduree's 2007 Easter creations are perfect for the occasion. Here's a tempting list of what they are offering this year:
-Chocolate eggs in various flavors
-Pink or Green chocolate bunnies
-Three new Easter flavors of macarons: Chocolate Blackcurrant, Chocolate Passion Fruit, & Chocolate Lime
In addition to this, they are offering these even more mouthwatering treats, with descriptions from their website:
-Easter Eggs, available in various colors and boxes of 9 or 16:
*Green: chocolate ganache and pistachio paste
*Pink: crispy praline and milk chocolate ganache
*Violet-violet-flavored ganache and candied blackcurrant
*Red-dark chocolate ganache and macaron flakes
-Easter Desserts:
*Dark Chocolate Nest
*Coconut and Strawberry Nest
And, for Easter 2007, they have created a gift box of Easter bells in various ganache flavors and pastel colors. These are available in boxes of 9 or 16 and are pictured above.
Just typing about these sweet treats makes me hungry. To look at more pictures of what they are offering and the pricing, click here.
Happy Easter!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lily of France

You may seem them around New Orleans alot, but the symbol of the fleur de lis has been around much longer in France. It has been used by the French for nearly 1,000 years to symbolize purity. Literally meaning "flower of the lily", it was also the symbol of the Bourbon monarchy. Unfortunately, there are many tacky, wannabe fleur-de-lis accessories, etc on the market. But there are some more sophisticated, glamorous and regal items that do justice to this popular design:

Diamond Fleur-de-lis stud earrings in 14K white gold
These are definitely my favorite fleur de lis earrings-they're cute, glamorous, and elegant at the same time! They're on sale for $156 at Ross Simons.

Fleur de Lis outline necklace
Some may call it kitsch, but I can't help but love this necklace...it's made of sterling silver and if you enlarge the picture on the website, you will see that the outline is all cubic zirconia. Buy it for $75 at Emitations.

French blue silk dupioni
Look closely and you will see that this beautiful silk is embroidered with elegant fleur de lis. This seems like something Marie Antoinette would actually have a dress made out of. Buy it at 54" wide for $49.99 at Hyena.

Marie Antoinette brass & Swarovski crystal Fleur de lis earrings
These are aptly named after Marie Antoinette herself, and I personally just love the gold and blue combination. Que pensez-vous? They're only $9 and are made by Shakti Studios.

Jeffrey Campbell Fleur de Lis gold metallic shoes
These lovely flats are actually what inspired this post. I saw them at Lord & Taylor the other day and searched everywhere on the internet to find them; they were at Cotton Island for $75. They come in other colors as well: black, white, and silver, but I prefer the gold and think it has the most Marie Antoinette potential in it.

White Stargazer lilies
Last but not least, the real deal-living, breathing white lilies. They are so elegant and perfect for Easter, which is fast approaching! Order them for $45-50 at 1800flowers.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Book Review: The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette

I thought I'd occasionally share with you a book review, written by moi, of a recent book I've read about or related to Marie Antoinette. The first book I'll review is called The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette by Marie-France Boyer and Francois Halard (photographer). This book is not a biography, per say, but more of a collection of rare photographs of the various places Marie Antoinette spent her days while queen of France. There are also pictures of some of her personal belongings, like her gambling pouch and her desk. Along with the photos there are descriptions and some pages of text. The book is divided into the different sections of where she lived, including her own apartment and the Petit Trianon. This book is a must if you are interested in not only Marie Antoinette herself, but the architecture and decor of the time. When I read this, I felt as if I was touring Versailles myself! Buy it on Amazon.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Springtime at Versailles

Happy spring everyone! I am so glad that spring has officially begun. Unfortunately the weather was a bit chilly and grey today where I live. To celebrate the start of spring, here are some pictures(not mine of course) from the gardens at Versailles.

Don't you just love how everything is so symmetrical and organized, yet so graceful? I'd love to see your pictures from Versailles! Let me know of any online photo albums, such as photobucket or flickr, that you have.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

1 month birthday

Today is officially the one month birthday of the Pretty in Bleu blog. It seems like just yesterday when I started. To celebrate I have lots of pictures in today's post. They are all from the new brocadehome.com(see my previous post on Brocade Home), which just launched it's online store, open 24/7. Here are a few of my favorite picks:

clear glass taper holders, $49 each

petite floral print duvet-iris, $99-$129

chandelier wall sconce, $129

petal collection (from top): tonal leaf print pillow cover, frosted leaf jacquard tufted pillow, vintage lace pillow cover, $39 each

perfume bottles, set of 3, $69

crystal chandelier, clear, $599

These are just a few of the beautiful things you can buy online at Brocade Home. They're perfect for creating a room that would rival the bedrooms at Versailles!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tie it with ribbon

Next time you're dressing up, why not wear a ribbon around your neck? Instead of a garish necklace, try something simpler like a black velvet ribbon, or any color for that matter. I personally love the way the black ribbon ties off the look of Kirsten Dunst's (or should I saw Marie Antoinette's) pastel dress in the photo at left. This look would work especially if the collar of your shirt or dress scoops down in a circular or V-shape.
To buy this dainty velvet ribbon, hit your local fabric store or check out these velvet ribbons, available in various widths, by Midori Ribbon.

Your comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Cameos Galore

I love cameo jewelry. Despite it's sometimes high price, I am determined to own a cameo piece of my own. While Marie Antoinette probably didn't wear cameo, it's a safe bet that she would if she were around today. Here are some of my favorite online finds:Isn't this ring precious? It's a handcarved conch shell cameo made of 14K gold. It's $115 at Netaya.

Don't cameos and pearls go perfectly together? This beautiful cameo pendant is on a faux pearl necklace. Too bad it's already sold out, because at $16.99 this would've been a steal. You can still look at it though, and other cameo jewelry for sale, at Carolina Collections.

Ok, so this necklace's cameo is only made of acrylic, so it's not the "real deal", but I couldn't resist putting this up here. The blue cameo is so pretty! After all, Marie Antoinette's favorite color was blue. It hangs on a vintage brass chain and is another steal for $32.

Oddly enough, the idea of a cameo on a bracelet never occurred to me until I found this beauty. It's a stretch bracelet made of actual freshwater pearls all connected by this exquisite cameo. Buy it for $98 at Heavenly Treasures.
And, last but not least, cameo earrings. They're sparkly and glamorous, and soo evocative of Marie Antoinette. They're made by one of my favorite jewelry designers, R.J. Graziano, and are $65. Call 212-685-1248 to order.

The great thing about cameos is they come in a variety of colors and designs...from mythological scenes to flowers like the one on the ring above. There are scores of jewelry websites that sell real and acrylic cameos. You can also find the vintage, expensive ones at estate sales if you are an adventurer.
Hope you enjoyed all the eye candy for today! Let me know if you've found any great cameos from estate sales, or inherited something beautiful.