Friday, July 13, 2007

Chocolate, anyone?

I admit I had my last poll up for longer than a week, but here are the results from 24 people total:
Question: What is your favorite delectable dessert?
Cake: 5
Anything chocolate: 7
I like to be healthy and eat fruit: 2
I scream for ice cream: 5
Macarons of course: 5
Other: 0

I see there are plenty of other chocoholics out there, like me! But really, who can choose just one "favorite dessert"? I personally love them all!
I now have a new poll in the yellow box on the right, so please take it! Thanks!

*Note-The chocolate pictured on the left is the "Ligne Classique" from Richart, available for $23.50. Mmmmmmm...............



Laeriss said...

Miam, miam !

Je te remercie pour le lien que tu as crée vers mon blog.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I took the poll then backed up to comment here...I hope the vote still registered.
I googled "chocolate of the month club" Go see what all is out there!

The French Nest said...

That box full of chocolates looks divine!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

J'aime votre blog! Those chocolates look heavenly!

cityfarmer said...

I was raised in a church basement potluck I love all of those gooooooey layered desserts...but my favorite would be my moms Dutch apple pie in the fall.....with the little crumbleies all over the top with GOOD vanilla icecream running down the sides.....