Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks to Lidy at French Garden House for tagging me awhile back for the Thinking Blogger Award...I've finally gotten around to doing this post. This means I must tag 5 others. There are many great blogs out there that I read often, many of them are probably already tagged by now. But if they weren't, here's who I would tag:
-French Garden House
-Pretty Petals Boutique
-Girls Handbook
-Savvy City Farmer
-The Paris Apartment
All of their links are on my "Favorite Blogs" list on the right, since I am too lazy to type them up here!
This coming week is going to be very busy for me, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post till the weekend. But coming up I will be posting about one of Marie Antoinette's favorite scents. Stay tuned and have a great week!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Let them eat cookies

Nothing like simple, easy to make sugar cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are dressed up a bit with "Barbie" sprinkles and a pretty platter of mine:
I just love the gilded-look of the edges and the romantic flowers! To me it's slightly reminiscent of Le Petit Trianon. This has been in my family for years, and I haven't used it much till now...


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tea in bloom

I apologize for not posting in over a week; I was out of town in Richmond for a few days. Lucky for me there were several antique shops in the area...I saw many beautiful chandeliers, plates, etc that screamed Marie Antoinette or 18th century France, but of course, the prices were not exactly in my budget. I mean c'mon, $800 for a chandelier? Read below for something I know you will love, that won't give you sticker shock....
If you're like me, and you see every little detail in movies, you may have noticed the tea that blooms in "Marie Antoinette". After scouring the internet, I have found it at last! You too, can have this awe-inspiring tea. Jasmine Blooming Flower Tea, made by Summit Tea Company, is available on For $9.99, it comes with 10 hand-tied jasmine flower teas made in the Fujian Province, China. Watch as the jasmine leaves slowly unfurl once you pour the hot water in a teapot, and a beautiful Red Globe Amarnth flower is revealed! This would be great to wow your guests at a party, or as a unique gift for a tea-loving friend. There are also other blooming tea varieties available by Adagio Teas on Amazon.
To heighten the blooming tea experience, Numi makes a flowering tea glass teapot, also available on for $21.99. Everyone will get to see the bloom with this teapot!-R*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Easter 2007 at Ladurée

Easter is only a couple days away...and what better way to celebrate than with something sweet(I'm sure many of you have given up dessert for Lent, as have I)?? Celebrate Easter with elegance...Laduree's 2007 Easter creations are perfect for the occasion. Here's a tempting list of what they are offering this year:
-Chocolate eggs in various flavors
-Pink or Green chocolate bunnies
-Three new Easter flavors of macarons: Chocolate Blackcurrant, Chocolate Passion Fruit, & Chocolate Lime
In addition to this, they are offering these even more mouthwatering treats, with descriptions from their website:
-Easter Eggs, available in various colors and boxes of 9 or 16:
*Green: chocolate ganache and pistachio paste
*Pink: crispy praline and milk chocolate ganache
*Violet-violet-flavored ganache and candied blackcurrant
*Red-dark chocolate ganache and macaron flakes
-Easter Desserts:
*Dark Chocolate Nest
*Coconut and Strawberry Nest
And, for Easter 2007, they have created a gift box of Easter bells in various ganache flavors and pastel colors. These are available in boxes of 9 or 16 and are pictured above.
Just typing about these sweet treats makes me hungry. To look at more pictures of what they are offering and the pricing, click here.
Happy Easter!