Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tie it with ribbon

Next time you're dressing up, why not wear a ribbon around your neck? Instead of a garish necklace, try something simpler like a black velvet ribbon, or any color for that matter. I personally love the way the black ribbon ties off the look of Kirsten Dunst's (or should I saw Marie Antoinette's) pastel dress in the photo at left. This look would work especially if the collar of your shirt or dress scoops down in a circular or V-shape.
To buy this dainty velvet ribbon, hit your local fabric store or check out these velvet ribbons, available in various widths, by Midori Ribbon.

Your comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Alyssa said...

Oh I love that you commented on my blog so I could find this one!!!

HeatherJ said...

Isn't velvet delicious. I cannot resist. These pretty little ribbons would go wonderfully with the little buckles I found the other day.

Shabby in the City said...

Today at Wal-mart I saw some velvet ribbon with a little rose on it and I thought-hey that would be a great choker! It came in several different colors for almost $3 I think.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your blog is such a delight! And I adore Marie Antoinette. I have some great old books about her, somewhere! She was a greatly misunderstood woman in her time.

Thanks for adding my blog to your links...I will be visiting you all the time, a little spot of beauty in my day!


Anonymous said...

that is really cute! so is your blog!

Trish said...

Your blog is so pretty! I am glad that I found it and I will be back often. Loved this post about the ribbon, and your pics are beautiful. My parents just gave me a dark brown suit, with a brown lace shell underneath, and jewelry would have ruined the look of the whole thing, it is so elegant and understated -- but after reading your post I remembered that I had a brown satin ribbon with a brown silk flower on it and I ran right up and tried it all on together -- Perfect! I have to wear it tonight and you just solved my accessory dilemma. Thank you!