Sunday, September 14, 2008

An entrance fit for a queen

I am amazed at what people can do when it comes to restoring historical places and objects. Just take a look at the photo on the left, of the recently restored Royal Gate at Versailles. I must say it looks pretty magnificent. It is now located in the Palace courtyard for all to see as they enter. The project to restore the gate, which disappeared during the French Revolution, began two years ago and was finally completed in July of this year. The entire project(or feat I should say) cost 9 million Euros to complete, or almost 13 million USD! There are other restoration projects that have been happening at the Palace--you can find out more about them at the official Chateau de Versailles website.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hats hats & more hats

While recently browsing on Etsy, I stumbled upon Marie Antoinette-inspired hats! They are absolutely gorgeous, take a look for yourself:
Click! <--This hat is my favourite, it's called the "Lady Lyndon".

I also discovered this amazing hat, it looks like a recreation of Marie Antoinette's famous hair design of a ship!

Here is another hat I liked by the same designer as the one above, Topsy Turvy Design.

I'm amazed at what people can create....