Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jewelry obsession

I love I can spend hours just looking at all the amazing things people make and sell on there. One of my favorite things to browse through is the jewelry-you can't beat the handmade pieces for creativity. My latest jewelry obsession happens to be an Etsy find:

These beauties, aptly-named "Marie Antoinette Opulent Earrings with Faceted Glass Jewels", are so glamorous yet so simple. I think they capture the elegance of Marie Antoinette's style just right! They're by designer laralewis for $24.


Know of any great Marie-inspired jewelry finds? Leave me a comment! (I'm working on setting up an e-mail address specifically for this blog)


Sydney Plumber said...
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A chicette in Paris said...

Oooooh totally opulent and cute!! Great discovery, thanks!! :-)

Kisses from Paris!


Amarettogirl said...

I just discovered your blog! So happy to make your virtual acquaintance :) You are so right about those earrings they are SO MARIE! I absolutely love your French and Marie Antoinette style ---I've posted a bit about her influence on me and my art and my etsy stuff too! I've bookmarked you and I will be sure to stop by often - come check out my neck of the woods too! You might like my most recent post - I'm making a Marie Doll to display my faux cupcakes!

Lana said...

Those earrings are beautiful!

Glad I found your blog ~ it's beautiful as well!

Anonymous said...

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melissa said...

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Mary said...
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